Monday, September 6, 2010

Because it's sometime during some day of the week.

First off! It is either stupid early in the morning or stupid late at night. Which makes me wonder what the hell I'm still doing being awake!! [It is **checks clock** 12:42 am] Oddly enough I'm not tired in the slightest so I might do something crazy like type up and actual blog message instead of a few words and pretend that it means something.

Okay! Well second off, I've been thinking about starting a singing/video group called Sarah Squared. In the beginning it was going to be me and another Sarah but she's back at school now and we can't see each other so I don't think thats gonna happen. Oh well, but I want to do it. Even if it's by myself....Er though I just remembered I need to download openoffice and I hope there is some kind of movie maker in it. I don't have anything on my mac and if I do it's winning hide and seek. Kinda annoying that my comp is kicking my butt!!! Ewwww also! While it's on my mind, I want to start writing again. I miss it, writing fanfic and such but I don't think I'm very good at it. Hmm. I've noticed that I do that. Bring my self down. I should stop that. I really should. I should also stop writing four word sentences, makes me look like I'm three or something. Failure!!

Third off! College.....UGHHHH Children. College was created to kill High School students. Seriously. You finish high school and think that your done with all of that insanity and WHAM! There's college smacking you in the face with loans, and scholarships, and promises of stealing you far away from your house and life and letting you start over. Then it comes back in a month or so and rips the rug right out from under you. Very not cool and mildly rude. Good way to break someone's neck! ALSO! Being a 17 year old and entering college sucks because you legally can't sign any contract TT^TT Yea. Mom has to sign things for me, but then I'm stuck owning Her back what ever money she paid. Very not cool. Ohhhh trying to find a job as a college student is also very hard, and stress full. **pauses** I'm starting to think that college is actually just another word for stressfull-time-ahead. I really do, it's all insane and mess of numbers and calling people to get books [[that cost an arm and leg. Books that I'll never use again]] and making sure that you picked the right classes. Oh ugh muffins!! It's all crazy, I'm not really sure why I'm doing it. Oh thats right! To get a good job later. **sighs and rolls eyes** Later needs to come faster and skip over all of this silliness.

That paragraph was getting to be to long and the radio has started distracting me. Dani California by the red hot chili pepper's is playing....Yes I do feel that is important information =p I'd also like to say that fictional boys are a large distraction when typing up a blog. Just so your aware xD Ew I was trying to stay away from my normal typing style but it's slowly starting to creep in. I'm going to blame the fictional boys and the need to sleep. Wooooah! It is now one in the morning. I think that officially makes it stupid-early-in-the-morning.... So why on Earth am I still typing? **thinks** Because I can. >__< Failure Sarah Failure. Even though this is a strange place to end. I'm going too.

Good night/morning


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