Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Insane rambling during art class

Hello my lovelies!! I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything in the last few days. I've been busy with school and trying to find a job, but the job part is going well. I've possibly found a job with a chinese place that is like one minute from the school. No lie!! Plus the food is fantastic and cheap!! I died and went to heaven!! NOMS!! Plus I have some sweet and sour chicken left over that I will probably eat at late tonight.

Oh! I think guest speaker man is about to speak so I'mma listen to him now then I'll maybe type more. [6:17 pm]

[6:43] Coming back to this for a second. Guest man is speaking but I don't enjoy listening to his voice. I think his art is a bit pompous but I like it still. But he is a bit stuck up but I can't really talk. Okay switching back to notes.

[6:53] There is a ticking clock....I'm going to shoot it. Guest man will fall silent for a moment and no one speaks. The room falls oddly silent save for that damn ticking clock! Not even the gentle clacking my keyboard keys is enough to drown out the sound of that clock.

[6:59] Woah! What the hell happened there with that writing!! That was rather crazy! I love when I write like that. I feeel proud. Guest speaker man is still speaking, but don't worry!! I am paying attention still. He's currently talking about how he gets his style from others but doesn't think that he's that bold of an artist. Honestly I think he's rather bold but I really want some of the chicken sitting in my car. I'm kinda hoping that my car wont smell like chicken. That would kill me every time I get in the car!! YES! I do realize that this is a ramble but this is the way my mind works. It runs at a ba-jillion miles a minute and I think about many things and suddenly I've lost the ability to spell. Welll I'm spelling worse then usual. Okay switching back now.

[7:05] WoAh-MeH-gOd!!! This class is tooooooo long. There is still 2 and a half hours left. I'm really hoping that he doesn't speak the whole time. I might die. I know my comp will!

[7:15] Either the clock has stopped ticking or I've just gotten used to it.

[7:19] I think I just got used to it. I really do want some of that chicken...Hmm I need to hide the pringles somewhere so mom doesn't see them but she has nothing to do with my car so it might be all right. Speaking of car I need to clean it and stick Fai and Kuro in the window still. I'm thinking that I'm going to tape both of them to the dash board. Some where near each other, but not because Fai told me too....No.... not at all.....I have problems...I need to stop loving fictional boys. But in order to do that, real boys need to stop being such dickwads xD Oh my...I got off topic with this one. Guest man is still going strong with his speaking....There's a voodoo dancer in some of his art.....I am confuseeeeeddd!!! and really wanting that chicken... Ugh. I'm mildly fail I know. TT-TT

[7:25] Nope! The ticking is back. I heard it.

[7:31] So I am officially bored and resisting getting on Facebook. That took a lot longer then I thought that it would. So i'm kinda proud of myself!! Guest man has started sounding like a drone in my head and is starting to give me a head ache. MAJOR DISLIKE!!! Oh! I guess while i'm thinking about it. I'm really sorry that this really is just me rambling for 2ish hours!! I'm sure you have better things to do then to read me thinking about everything and nothing ['cept you Lizz-Tonks-Wiffle. I know you are laughing at me!] This also just hit two pages in openoffice word thing. =] I just got a song stuck in my head. It's a tribute to John Williams(?) I can't remember his name. But you can find it if you look up star wars tribute, the picture should be of four guys in the four corners if the screen. Good tribute thing lol. I have found so many good songs lately! It's just crazy!! Some time I will have to post a list of my itunes and of my favorite songs cuz itunes doesn't have all of my songs TT-TT Very sad thing!!!

[7:53] DUDE! I am bored and my foot is falling asleep but I can't move it because it's helping to hold my laptop up. I've got it leaning on the table. Okay just switched legs. Ow! They just turned the lights on after them being off for almost 2 hours **squints** Meh eyes!!! Ugh muffins.

[9:38] Okay!! So I'm now home and have eaten the rest of my chicken and my car did smell like sweet and sour chicken **face palm** But thats okay! long as the smell is gone by tomorrow. Oh! I might have gotten a job with that chinese place it all depends. I really hope that I have!! That would be good!!! That means money and CHINESE FOOODZZZ!!! Ummm yea I'm thinking I'mma end it here xD this is such a messed up post. I'm so sorry.

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