Wednesday, September 22, 2010

There was a storm....til I told it off!

Wow so apparently squares are art. Ugh this class is so just....MUFFIN!! Honestly! I'm typing this during class as he shows us pictures of prostitutes or at least how Picasso views them. This class is so strange!! Colescott's version of prostitutes now. Honestly this is the strangest art class that I have ever taken!!

I think I'm writing this now because this class bores me and according to my brother we don't have power at home cause of the storms that happened so I wont be able to charge my laptop

GOD DAMN MONKIES!! Stupid teacher man goes to fast for me to take notes. I'mma have to download the notes from blackboard now. Ugh! I hate downloading stuff that I don't need to. EW

Ugh anyway, I felt really pretty today which was really super nice! I love when I feel pretty!! It doesn't happen all that often.

AH! Because I'm thinking of it! I get to see Lizzie this weekend!! And possibly am staying the night!! YAY!! I don't get to see Lizz often enough! Stupid school getting in the way! I also might get to see Goat [Its a nickname] this weekend. I really hope that I do get to see her. I haven't seen her since the end of camp. And that makes me sad because we got really close this summer. Last summer we really didn't like each other but we do this year! So I MISS HER!!!

I have noticed lately that people have stopped posting things on facebook or aren't responding to my texts/messages and that worries me. I like to know that people are doing okay so it's not cool when they suddenly stop having contact with me. I get really worried. And right now there are several people who I haven't had contact with and I'm really honestly quite upset about that. THEY SHOULD TEXT/MESSGAE ME RIGHT NOW!!!

**sighs** Sorry this is another random one. I'm in a funky mood right now so my mind is in highgear and running in more directions then usual. Kinda sucks, it's giving me a headache ughhh!!!! Dislike yo!! **stomach makes a strange noise** agh!! I didn't finish my dinner cause of the storms. I got a doggy box/bag thing and drove back to the school. Then sat in an area that was mostly glass because this whole building has a lot of glass. There are no area's that aren't near glass. I got told I had to move so I went and sat in a hallway xD then I moved and sat next to a 7-up soda machine. But I had been sitting in that glass area for at least 10 minutes with the sirens blaring the whole time. Those damn things are really shrill in Pickerington!! That or there are several that are very close to the school.

Brother text me and said that we have power again. YAY!! Cause my laptop is gonna die soon!!! NOT GOOD!

Just in case you were wondering just writing this much has taken almost an hour because I'm taking notes at the same time.... at least I was. Now, not so much. ew. It's dark as hell out right now. It's 8:20pm. You know I kinda like putting the time as I type. I think it's interesting to see what I type when. I didn't do that tonight because I just didn't TT-TT

Bad Sarah **yawn** there is cashew chicken and rice sitting in my car waiting for me to eat it. Or at least finish eating it. Oh! I think we might be done for the night. Or not. He just said break time for a lil bit. DAMN!!!! I want to go home TT-TT I'm tired of listening to this man talk! Ugh!! For real. He just said ten minute break then he'll talk to nine then he'll let us go home.

WOOOO home now! Tired but of course I'm not gonna go to bed. Lol I'mma stay up and play on my comp.

Night dearies

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