Thursday, September 16, 2010

We will kiss in the moon light, I will never make you cry

Hello!! **waves happily** It's currently 7:52pm and my internet is being stupid so I'm typing this up in openoffice. Which is still kicking my butt TT-TT ALSO!! I was saddened to discover that I don't have a movie maker of anykind!! This means that I have to go searching and find a free one that I can download to my mac. Ugh that is effort which I dislike! Also!! I wish I had some talent at drawling. That is my goal tomorrow! To find some drawling sites and practice! I love to draw I'm just kinda crap at it. I don't think I 'm that bad at photography though which is good but speaking of I need to take some pictures sometime. I might go in the park behind my house and take some shots. Or of my cat. He's pretty!! **attacks cat in hugs** Sorry! He was sitting next to me and I couldn't help my self.

Once again though I find my self insanely bored even though I have math homework to do. I think I'll do that tomorrow or saturday. Sometime. Ahh I love the song “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off” by Panic at the disco. I'm currently listening to it and I'm not really sure why I love it so much but I do!! **sighs and sings in her head** My parents are in the room as I type this other wise I would totally sing out loud but the lyrics are not parent-ok!! lol I totally just made that a word-ish-ing. =]

[8:oo] I want the internet to start working again TT-TT I also wish that I could write something. Like I really want to write a story but every time I start it gets away from me and runs off into outer space. **sighs** Damn story!!! I haven't been able to write any poems lately either...Hmm I blame life. Like I've had a lot going on lately and have been dealing with crazy emotions!! College life sucks when you are living at home!

[8:o6] ;alsjfhoaf;uwenvvubeavuebr;vub;ub; Muffin Man!!! GRRAWR!!!

That is all.....

“In my need you have always been there/ He is young/ He's afraid/ Let him rest/ Bring him home!”
“He's like the son I might have now if God had granted me a son”

I love this song. Bring him Home from Les Mes. I would love to see the show sometime. The music is so beautiful! I love to sing it!! Some times I think I sound pretty good singing it.

“If I die, let me die. Let Him live! Bring him home......Bring him home....Bring him home!” GOOD SONG!!!

[8:23] Ugh internet is still being strange. I had to wash dishes, and I left itunes playing so it was like 5 songs past where I was TT-TT

“it's to soon, to soon to say goodbye. Yes Forbid me now to die! I'll try to obey” Possibly the most beautiful line ever written. I tear up every time. It's so pretty.

“Take my hand and lead me to salvation, take my love for love is ever lasting. And remember the true that once was spoken. To love another person is to see the face of god.” Ahhh so beautiful!! I love it!! It's kinda sad that when I'm upset I listen to stuff like that if I'm not listening to stuff thats horribly moody and angry like I normally do.

[8:29] Internet is back!!

[8:36] I love the numa numa song!! **dances badly** Now if I could say the words right! WAH!! My phone just went off!! That scared me!! [yes you needed to know that] It was Liz!! YAY!!! But she is all sick! Not cool!! **glomps her** Okay I think I'm done blogging for now. I might post something later tonight. So there might be another strange ramble xD Later!!!

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