Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm sitting on a cloud of taco's

At least I wish I was! I would like a taco right now. I'm sitting in my art class and I'm bored already. Seriously, like we had to write a paper for this class. I got a B on it and the teacher-man says he needs to talk to me about it. And he did editing on it, I greatly dislike. This is an art class not an english class. He has no right to correct my paper. Stupid loser face!!! Honestly this class is more like a humanities class then an art class. Oh! The time is [6:17] Just so you know where I'm at in the night.

[6:18] Ughggghghghghghgh I really dislike this class. First off it's supposed to start at 6 pm he has yet to get here on time for class. He normally doesn't get here until like 6:10  or later.

[6:31] the tech troubles continue. Teacher man is not good with technology, not at all.  Ugh! My stomach is wanting food but I have no food to give it til I get home! UCK!! I need to go and bring snacks for class. That would be the smart thing to do.

[6:33] Today I got a bunch of Tsubasa manga from the library and signed up to vote! Woo! I am a grown-person!! At least in the eye's of the government I am! Not in my eyes, no not at all! I am still a small child who just happens to get to be able to do big people stuffz now too! YAY!!! I think I may start reading manga online soon. It's kinda funny, nobody really pays attention in class. We all kinda do our own thing.

[6:36] My stomach just made a funny noise......

[6:50] I really kind of dislike people right now. Like some stupid shite has happened over the last couple of days and honestly it's more then I want to deal with right now. I'm not sure people realize how much a facebook status can hurt. Like a friend of mine posted something that really hurt and I don't think she's realized how much it's hurt me. I've told her so many times that she makes me feel like a third wheel. She says she's sorry but then she goes and does it again but I keep fighting to stay in her life and everything. I've finally realized that it's not worth it. If she wants me in her life then she needs to be the one to fight for it for once. He does too, I'm so tired of fighting for it when neither one of them is trying to fight back and keep me in their lives. So thats fine, I'm done trying. If they want me then they want me, if they don't they don't. Life goes on, yea it'll hurt to know for sure that they don't care about me but I'll be better off in the long run.

[6:58] Now I'm annoyed again and hungry still and my back hurts. The girl just messaged me asking how I was and saying how much she misses me....She clearly does not understand/know that I am upset with her. Ugh and of course if I don't say anything then I'll be the bad guy who just stopped talking. Ugh. I don't know if I wanna go through with this but I can't just give in again! I have to stand up for myself! I can't be the wall flower anymore!!

[7:13] it's official I hate people. This other chick now thinks that I'm royally pissed at her just because I haven't talked to her in awhile and she won't come to me about it because I "wont give her a straight answer" Her words not mine. That really just pisses me off. I'm so sick of drama! I don't want to fucking deal with it. I've got enough going on in my life right now. I don't need your bullshite too. I really think that I'm just gonna cut everyone out and let those who are willing to fight to keep me in their lives. For once people you fight for me, show me that I mean something to you and that I'm just not something to pass the time.

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