Monday, September 6, 2010

I'ma lil teapot dancing a waltz with the toaster.

Blogging again, two days in a row. This is a record for me! And wisely I'm not typing this up at stupid o'clock! Anyway, I think today I shall talk about cake and why it's not a smart idea to smash cake into a friend's face. It's not smart because they can easily smash the remaining cake in your face which can be fun but sucks when your trying to clean your face off in a bathroom without a mirror. Yup! That's how I spent my saturday night, at a friends 18th birthday party and I learned how to play Ninja. Very fun game!! It can hurt after a while though. Hmmm I know I was going somewhere with this and now I can't remember. Thats what I get for typing this up while chatting on Facebook with people. Thats all right though.

Guys, tomorrow I start college and I'm already disliking it because I still don't have my id and I got the picture taken over two weeks ago. I might have to get it taken again tomorrow, I have yet to oder my books for class. I know two books that I need to get but the other two haven't been put up online yet so I won't know what I need til the teacher tells me. Speaking of classes, I have public speaking and some class about how to take notes tomorrow. That class should be an easy A **knocks on wood** Need to be careful about my grades! I want to transfer schools next year so I need to get FANTASTIC grades this year! It's very, very important!! Ugh being a student is no fun. I can't wait to officially be done with school forever!! That would make me beyond happy!!

I'm sort of running out of things to say...Hmm just remembered. Ihop late at night with me, Liz, Wes, and Becky is a bad idea! Strange things happen, giving us mountain dew is also a bad idea. We went right after my friend's party and we were quite loopy already so giving us sugar was just bad. Plus Liz and I saw the coloring sheets and just HAD to color them. Thankfully the waitress gave them to us, she then teased me about coloring the pumpkin red because I didn't have an orange crayon. We then got into how mixing crayon color's is an art... Yes. It really is. I've also learned that the later it is, and the more tired I am the more incorrectly I hear people. I heard some strange things, my favorite being "I'm an evil princess" I have no idea what Wes was trying to say but that's what I heard. Very crazy!!

OKay well I think I'm done for the night. So Good night all!


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